About Breast Cancer Now

Right now, breast cancer is at a tipping point. More women are surviving. But more are being diagnosed than ever before. One in eight women in the UK will face breast cancer in their lifetime. And every 45 minutes, another woman dies from the disease.

We’re going to change that. We’re Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest breast cancer charity – and we're dedicated to funding research into this devastating disease.

Who we are

We are Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest breast cancer charity.

We are fundraisers, campaigners, researchers, believers.

We are the people living with breast cancer, the families affected by breast cancer and the thousands determined to end breast cancer.

What we do

Our cutting-edge research is focused entirely on breast cancer.

We’re funding research to discover how to prevent breast cancer, how to detect it earlier and how to treat it effectively at every stage. And we’re finding ways to stop secondary breast cancer.

We’ve already made enormous progress in understanding the disease. Now, we’re reaching further and doing more than ever before.

A platform for progress

We believe that if we act now, by 2050 no one else will die from breast cancer. But we can only reach this goal if we collaborate. We need to bring together the brightest minds, the best resources and the latest thinking so that there will be a day when breast cancer takes its last life.

The Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Programme is an exciting new initiative that heralds the start of a new era for breast cancer research in Europe. The Programme will invite the world’s leading researchers and pharmaceutical companies to pool resources so that we can reach our 2050 goal sooner

 For more information visitwww.breastcancernow.org